If googling a query, make sure any website you check is based in Queensland and has been updated recently as the law may be different between states and can change regularly.

DIY Research

Updated August 2019

Legal practitioners cannot provide advice prior to the committing of an offence. Should you wish to conduct your own research first check through this website that your question hasn’t been answered. Then check:

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(not recommended)

If you are still struggling to find an answer to your question, you could try searching through legislation but note that the way words are interpreted in legislation is not necessarily using their ordinary meaning. In Australia there are different types of law that operate together and interrelate. Statute law is the law passed by Parliaments into Acts or other legislation. Case law, or common law, is the law that develops over time from outcomes reached in court. This law can be developed entirely outside statute, for example there are some common law defences that do not exist in statute. Otherwise, cases will interpret statute and add to or change the way it is read. This means you can’t just read a piece of legislation or section of an Act and necessarily understand what it means.

Some useful legislation to look at may be:

Acts are often supported by Regulations of the same name.

Search for other Queensland and Commonwealth ‘in-force’ (current) legislation.

You can search for case law at:

  • Magistrates Court decisions

  • District Court decisions

  • Supreme Court decisions

  • Court of Appeal

  • High Court of Australia

Decisions reached in higher courts are more authoritative than those made in lower courts.